Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Biggest Loser Vonasek Style

Ok so here is the deal... My brother and I were talking yesterday and we decided that we are going to try and lose weight and to make it a little more fun we made a competition out of it. So after a little while my dad, sister Shawntel, and my aunt Wendi wanted to join in too. It kind of turned out to be a family thing and i think we could even get a couple more people in on it. So i think we are all going to look way good at the ski trip!!

How to win- The person with the highest percentage of weight loss.
How long- We are all going to the family ski trip in august so we decided we have till August 3rd.
The prize: all the losers will give the winner 20$. (so now its at 80$)
Rule #1- take a picture of scale and send it to all the players.... so we don't cheat.
Rule #2- he healthy about it! dont be stupid!!

I know that people are probably thinking that this is super embarrassing for me to put my weight on my blog but i really think that it is a great incentive for me to lose the weight and just keep to the plan. I also think the more people who know what i am trying to do, the more help and support i will get.


Jackie said...

Ashley, I think that is a wonderful idea to have a kind of Biggest Loser competition with the family. Good luck! You will do great! Your family is beautiful and I'm so glad you and Brock are happy!

McKenzie said...

Ash! Good for you! Good luck, and have fun doing it!

Stevie and Meesha said...

That is awesome:) Good luck and I will be cheering you on the whole way. If you ever want a work out buddy to go and run with or walk with! I would be more than willing to come with you!! You are going to do awesome:)

Shawntel said...

Lets do this! I am so ready! We just need to make sure we are always checking up on each other. Yeah!

vonasekbunch said...

You go girl! I love you and your sexy body! ;) U should see Aaron, he's so excited! Im glad that your all in this competition together. It helps everyone out and I've never seen Aaron so determined. YAY! It's also making me work out too! (which is healthy for the baby) :) Good luck and may the biggest looser win! Ur... u know what I mean! LOVE U Beautiful!!!!!