Monday, February 24, 2014

Last Year In Review...

We had a great year this past year. 
We went to the Childrens Museum A LOT!! Especially during the cold weather! 
 For Brocks last spring break we took a trip to Chicago. We went to the History Museum and also the Shedd Aquarium! It was A LOT of fun!!

 Here is a picture from the underground exhibit.
 We had a great Easter. We actually had a easter egg hunt with our church play group!
 We also spent a lot of time with these people!! We love them so much and were very sad to see them go... But at the same time we were so excited for them!!
 Best of Friends!!
 Easter Morning:) We had a lot of fun!
 Their Easter outfits!!
 Callin started to get REALLY good at reading! He has started reading full books and his sister LOVES listening to him!
 Callin was in a preschool group for the first part of the year and he always had so much fun!
 Tinzley has started to dress herself! AND let me tell you she is ALL girl! She LOVES all things pink, princess, and girly! SO FUN!!
 We got to play at a lot of parks! They love to play outside!
 These two are the sweetest! Love them!
 Tinzley turned 2!!
 We were in Utah while brock was studying for the boards so we got to celebrate with some family and cousins!
 We went mini golfing:)
 We always have so much fun in Utah!
 Here Tinzley is watching her brother play soccer. He was able to do a sports camp while we were out in Utah! So much fun!!
 Here we are in Logan... we were trying to catch some fish BUT I'm pretty sure there were no fish in that pond!
 We went swimming quite a bit this summer but while we were in Utah we got to swim with our cousin Addie:)
 At the very end of our trip in Utah, AFTER brock took his board exam (YEA!!!) we went to Lagoon!! we had SOOO much fun! My kids LOVED going on all the rides!! I on the other hand was pregnant so I didn't get to do much BUT it was so fun to see the kids having a blast!!
 Once we got home we had a fun time at the 4th of July parade!!
 We swam at Freds....
 A LOT!!
 We announced that we are going to have another baby!!
 We played with our friends! We went to the zoo!
 And we went to the beach...
 ... A LOT!
 We played at splash pads!
 We went to Brewers Games!
 We made new friends...
 We went to the Safety awareness fair!
 We went Camping with some friends... This is after on our way home... we stopped for some lunch!
We read scriptures!  
 And we pretended we were princesses and storm troopers:)
 CALLIN started Junior Kindergarten!!! This was really exciting and really unexpected because we were 84th on the waiting list to get into this school district!! Two weeks after school had started we received a phone call asking if we wanted a seat in the afternoon class at the school just a couple blocks away from us! And since we really wanted him in this school district for Kindergarten we were really excited!!
 So then Kylie decided she wanted to get married:) So we went back to Utah. Here we were picking all the pumpkins out of Great Grandps Hanks garden.
 We got to go to the library a few times which was a lot of fun!

Kylie Got Married... I just think my kids were so cute in their wedding gear:)
 Here is Cal... isn't he so handsome!
 Kylie and Tanner cutting the cake... while two little girls watched:)
 It was super fun cause I had some of my family come up and visit! Im so happy they came, it was a lot of fun to see them!
 Here is my little family! O how I love them!!
While we were in Utah for Kylies wedding we also celebrated Callins 5th Birthday! Here he is as Anakin Skywalker! He LOVES star wars and he LOVES legos! 
 We had a dress-up halloween party for Cals birthday! Here are the little girls all dressed up! Tinzley was Cinderella and Addison was Sofia.
 We went out and picked up a couple pumpkins to carve!!
 This little guy gave us quite a surprise by coming 5 weeks early!!!
 Here Tinzley and Callin are showing off their winter gear... Come to find out its been one of the coldest winters here in Milwaukee in like 30 years!!! We have had only a handful of days above freezing since Thanksgiving!!
 Callin had a Crazy Hair Day at school... and Tinzley really wanted to be like him:)
 We won the Ugly sweater contest at our friends family party:)
 Our annual Christmas EVE bowling! So fun!!!
 We had an amazing Christmas this year! We all got so spoiled!
 Kylie came to meet Broxton and to help out with the kids while he got surgery! We loved having her here!!
 Here are all my cute kiddos ready for church! I love them! We have been so blessed to have such amazing little kids! They are fabulous!
 We have had fun times playing with our friends from church and school! Here we are at the fire station!
 Happy Valentines Day! Aren't they all just so lovable!!
 We went to Ted's for a Valentines Day Breakfast:) YUMM!!
After a day of finally getting over freezing we had to take advantage of the warm weather and play in the snow!!! We have enough snow in our backyard that Brock was able to make a huge hill of snow that the kiddos could sled down! We all had a blast! 

So there is our past year in a very long post but in a very quick review! We have had such a great year, Brock is now more then half way done with his Third year of medical school!! CRAZY! Planning out our fourth year has been kinda fun! Seems weird that this time next year we will know where we will be living for the next 3-4 years and we will be getting ready to move!!! It went by way fast! Well we love you all! Keep warm!!